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Technical Assistance and Program Support

Under this program focus, SFAA responds to inquiries and provides assistance, where requested, to organizations and jurisdictions involved in establishing formal state and local programs of surety support for emerging contractors.

To date, this assistance has included providing input in the drafting of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a contractor development program for a major airport expansion; identifying surety partners for a state bond guarantee program; drafting model legislation for bonding support programs nationwide; framing a technical assistance program for a privately-funded self-help program for contractors; and developing intervention strategies for a major city to expand disadvantaged contractor participation in both the public and private sectors.

Given the current tight market for bonding, the whole area of surety support programs is heating up and as SFAA's outreach and profile expands, we are receiving increased requests for information and involvement in formal surety support programs at the state, local and project levels. (see Model Contractor Development Program).

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