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Connecticut Nullum Tempus Bill Passes Legislature

Wednesday, May 20, 2015  
The House and Senate have both passed SB 1032, which limits the doctrine of nullum tempus (no time limit runs against the king) by creating a ten year limitation for the State and local governments to make claims or seek indemnity for damages related to deficiencies in construction-related work. The limits will be based on whether the improvement to real property was substantially completed on or after October 1, 2017. If the claim is for wrongful death or bodily injury, the limit for bringing claims is ten years from the date of substantial completion.  If the action or claim is for indemnity or contribution, it must be brought within ten years of substantial completion or within three years after the date that an action or claim is brought against the State or local government for which it is seeking indemnification, whichever is later. SFAA, AIA and our respective members individually worked with the local contractors, who took the lead on this issue in Connecticut. This year, we were able to amend the bill so that the limits also apply to contractors and their sureties in a compromise bill, which got passed.

 Members should visit Government Relations / General Info (Members) for more information.

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