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Diversity Milestone Reached - Comprehensive Industry Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Toolkit Posted

Friday, June 6, 2014  

Milestone Reached in Industry Diversity & Inclusion Journey
- The comprehensive industry Diversity & Inclusion Strategy, the result of the collaborative effort of many member companies represented on the Diversity & Human Resources Advisory Committee, has been posted to the SFAA website for member reference. The Strategy structure is modular, and each component includes a menu of options, tools and practices for use in the development or enhancement of a company specific Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

According to an article included in the June 2014 or HR Magazine, “Professionals in companies where it may be impractical to devote staff to diversity might consider using volunteers, including staff-led committees, councils and advisory boards.” Why not begin with a review of the SFAA Diversity & Inclusion Strategy to determine if it may be useful to you in meeting some of your objectives?

Members may view this document from the Development/Diversity / Diversity Strategy Toolkit and Other Resources page.

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