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SFAA offers many publications for purchase.  Please see the Brochures & Booklets Order Form.



Glossary (Fidelity & Surety)

This booklet contains a comprehensive collection of terms used in the business of fidelity and surety, defining words and phrases commonly used by bonding professionals. Synonyms and alternative expressions are also included. This unique glossary explains the language of fidelity and surety. 32 pages.


Subcontract Bonds - Needless Expense or Needed Protection?

This booklet explains why general contractors should require bonds of major subcontractors and suppliers. 15 pages.



Employee Theft - Safeguards for Business

This booklet stresses the importance of maintaining sound internal controls supplemented with employee dishonesty insurance in order to protect businesses against financial loss caused by employee theft. 16 pages.

Guide to ICC Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds & Model Forms. Richard J. White.

Designed to assist users of the ICC Uniform Rules for Contract Bonds, the Guide contains an article-by-article review of the rules and clearly explains each provision. Contains extensive appendices providing detailed model forms of bonds and claims. 66 pages.



6) Surety Bonds in the 21st Century: A Guide to the Electronic Filing of Surety Bonds

This pamphlet addresses the legality, methodology and technology of the electronic filing of surety bonds. No charge for Members or Non-Members for up to 25 copies of this brochure.

8) Model Contractor Development Program: Making Surety Bonds More Accessible to Emerging Contractors

This tri-fold brochure explains the SFAA Model Contractor Development Program, the goal of which is to make bonding accessible to all qualified contractors and increase the number of small, minority and women contractors who are bondable. No charge for Members or Non-Members for up to 25 copies of this brochure.

What Is The Surety & Fidelity Association of America?

Explains the mission and goals of The Surety & Fidelity Association of America and outlines the ways SFAA serves its members. No charge for Members or Non-Members for up to 25 copies of this brochure.

11) Surety Safeguard: How Bonding Protects Taxpayer Dollars

This publication looks at the history of surety bonding, the various types of surety bonds that are available and explains how and why surety bonds protect public entities from loss. 13 pages.

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