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Small & Emerging Contractors


Industry Issues



The Surety & Fidelity Association of America is active in federal and state advocacy related to our industry both in alegislative and regulatory context. More detailed information about our legislative and regulatory activities is available on our Members Only site.





Summary of State and Federal Election Results (11/8/2012)

SFAA Tells SBA of its Progress in Assisting Small Contractors With Bonding (8/2/2012)

Contracting Issues Pending in Congress to be Discussed in the Fall (7/19/2012)

H.R.3534 - Security in the Procurement Process for Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Workers on the Job and Taxpayers' Dollars (5/15/2012)

SFAA Needs You to Contact Your Representative to Vote Yes on H.R. 3534 (5/15/2012)

SFAA Submits Comments Regarding Treasury's Proposed Rule Concerning Surety Companies Doing Business in the U.S. (5/13/2011)

SFAA Submits Comments Regarding FASB's Proposed Revenue Recognition Standard (10/21/2010)

Owners, Contractors and Sureties Propose Modification of the American Institute of Architects A312 Payment Bond (4/21/2008)

A Primer on Surety (10/12/2007)

State Legislative Issues:

Federal Issues:

Please contact Lenore Marema, Vice President of Government Affairs, at ( for further information.

Government Relations - General Info (Public)

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Arizona Increases the Bond Amount for Tax Bond PDF (59.7 KB) Administration 5/2/2013
AR Enacts New Motor Vehicle License Bond Req. PDF (59.9 KB)  more ] Administration 5/2/2013
WV Legislation with New License Bond to Governor PDF (59.39 KB)  more ] Administration 5/2/2013
Will Roofing Contractors Be Bondable in Oklahoma? PDF (52.54 KB) Administration 5/2/2013
CA Legislation to Permit Bond Waivers Surfaces PDF (84.72 KB) Administration 5/2/2013
Appeal Bond Legislation Amended in Montana PDF (51.45 KB) Administration 5/2/2013
IN License Bond Requirement Improvements (1/23/13) PDF (81.31 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
Increased Limits on SBA Bond Guarantees (12/13/12) PDF (50.86 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
White House Plan for Emergency Relief for Sandy PDF (51.45 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
NJ Public Official Bond Market (10/18/2012) PDF (51.05 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
SFAA Letter to SBA Interagency TF on Vets (8/2/12) PDF (16.31 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
RI Bad Faith Bill is Dead for 2012 (6/27/2012) PDF (50.96 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
NC Lien Legis. Moving Toward Enactment (6/21/2012) PDF (52.25 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
NC Legis. Would Permit Bonds to be Waived (6/13/12 PDF (81.27 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
OH Moves to Address Bonding Issues of its Counties PDF (53 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
NM to Consider Alternatives to Bonding (4/10/2012) PDF (50.43 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
New York Capital Access Program (3/7/2012) PDF (98.91 KB) Administration 5/31/2013
RI Workers' Compensation Rule (5/11/2011) PDF (115.67 KB)  more ] Administration 5/31/2013
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