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Small & Emerging Contractors


Model Contractor Development Program

The Surety & Fidelity Association of America (SFAA) understands that an important aspect of surety market development and a major strategy in promoting the advantage of surety bonds over alternative products is the effort to increase availability of surety bonds to those small, minority and women contractors who currently might have difficulty qualifying for bonds or obtaining the size bonds they desire. The Model Contractor Development Program® (MCDP®) is a dual strategy of this effort and involves working with producers and underwriters to make bonds more available and, at the same time, working with these small and emerging contractors to make them more bondable. For example, under the program, local surety associations (LSAs) are being encouraged to meet and develop activities and initiatives that increase bond awareness and availability for women, minorities and other small contractors. Some LSAs have established both formal and informal programs of information, outreach and support. In addition, SFAA has entered into several partnerships with state and local governmental jurisdictions, trade associations, and non-profit organizations around the country that utilize the MCDP® as a model in designing and implementing contractor development, bond education and bonding assistance programs in their locales.

Spotlight on Emerging Contractors

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Spotlight on Emerging Contractors Articles from the SFAA Newsletter
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2016 November/December: Servitek PDF (191.39 KB) Administration 12/20/2016
2016 July/August: Onyx Enterprise PDF (187.01 KB) Administration 8/4/2016
2016 May/Jun: Mundo Verde Irrigation & Landscaping PDF (1.45 MB) Administration 6/28/2016
2016 Mar/Apr: Moxy Miscellaneous Ironworks PDF (252.33 KB) Administration 4/15/2016
2016 Jan/Feb: Gastonia Iron Works PDF (313.9 KB) Administration 4/15/2016
2015 Nov/Dec: Diamond Plumbing and Heating Link Administration 1/4/2016
2015 Sep/Oct: West Central Small Business ... PDF (60 KB)  more ] Administration 10/14/2015
2015 Jul/Aug: The PDI Group PDF (53.58 KB) Administration 8/24/2015
2015 May/Jun: Rocky Mountain Boiler Services, LLC PDF (55.67 KB) Administration 7/7/2015
2015 Mar/Apr: JP Hogan Coring and Sawing Corp PDF (212.96 KB) Administration 4/9/2015
2015 Jan/Feb: Electrical Systems Solutions, Inc. PDF (116.73 KB) Administration 4/6/2015
2014 Nov/Dec: Dalrymple Construction Services PDF (124.93 KB) Administration 12/19/2014
2014 Sep/Oct: Enterprise Electric, Inc. PDF (153.1 KB) Administration 10/22/2014
2014 Jul/Aug: Construction Companies Group PDF (106.52 KB) Administration 8/14/2014
2014 May/Jun: Don Stephens Trucking & Construction PDF (34.62 KB) Administration 6/30/2014
2014 Mar/Apr: Alameda Construction Services, Inc. PDF (78.06 KB) Administration 4/11/2014
2014 Jan/Feb: G3 Electrical Technologies PDF (75.47 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2013 Nov/Dec: Quality First Marine PDF (45.36 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2013 Sep/Oct: Zion Contracting, LLC PDF (84.91 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2013 Jul/Aug: Vobecky Enterprises, Inc. PDF (57.12 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2013 May/Jun: BMC Construction, LLC PDF (210.88 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2013 Mar/Apr: DCD Construction PDF (39.63 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2013 Jan/Feb: Limestone Construction PDF (47.67 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2012 Nov/Dec: Medina's Hauling, Inc. PDF (42.37 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2012 Sep/Oct: DG Medina Construction PDF (1.61 MB) Administration 3/4/2014
2012 Jul/Aug: A Green World Construction Company PDF (44.31 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2012 May/Jun: JBa Land Management PDF (36.89 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2012 Mar/Apr: S & L Industries, Inc. PDF (46.25 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2011 Nov/Dec: Construction Plus PDF (76.06 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2011 Sep/Oct: SCW, Inc. PDF (82.02 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2011 Jul/Aug: Francis Lee Contracting PDF (190.09 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
2011 May/Jun: Environmentally Based Green Building PDF (41.1 KB) Administration 3/4/2014
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