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Average Size of U.S. Commercial Buildings Continues to GrowOpen in a New Window

The United States has seen a 14 percent increase in the number of commercial buildings and a 21 percent increase in floor space since 2003, according to the Energy Information Administration’s Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey.


CGL Endorsements and Exclusions Impacting Defective WorkmanshipOpen in a New Window

Because of the volume of defect litigation during the last two decades, and significant changes to common CGL policy endorsements, many developers and contractors are finding that the pool of coverage they have contracted for is nearly empty, if it ever existed to begin with.  


Uncertainty Plagues the Transportation SectorOpen in a New Window

The current market for transportation work is mixed. Market activity for airport runways, subway and light rail, railroads and bridges is off to a good start in 2015, with the value of work up more than 10 percent compared to the first quarter of 2014. Overall investment in highways, airport terminals, waterways and ports is lagging— down nearly 4 percent during the same time period.  


Prevailing Wage Laws Contested in Indiana and MichiganOpen in a New Window

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed a bill eliminating prevailing wage requirements for publicly funded construction projects, effective July 1. In Michigan, state senators voted 22-15 to pass three bills rescinding a 50-year-old prevailing wage requirement on public construction projects. 


Quality Meetings Demand a Quality Meeting SpaceOpen in a New Window

One of the most common complaints on a construction project is poor communication. It is impossible to accurately calculate what poor communication costs because it usually cannot be isolated as the reason an accident occurred, installation mistakes were made or labor budgets were exceeded.  


A Five-Question Roadmap to Strategic SuccessOpen in a New Window

By getting back to basics, a construction organization can create a framework for making clearer decisions and significantly improving the probability of successful execution. More importantly, a company can build lasting value and grow into an organization that owners, employees, customers and communities admire. 


Half of AEC Firms Have Lost Workers to Oil and Gas CompaniesOpen in a New Window

Fifty-four percent of AEC executives report they have lost employees to the oil and gas industry during the past two years, according to a survey conducted by Morrissey Goodale LLC.


Technology Transformation: Going Beyond AutomationOpen in a New Window

With technology advancing so quickly, it’s easy to get caught up in the “technology for technology sake” mindset and to assume it automatically makes operations more intelligent and productive. However, bridging the gap between technology and intelligence requires something more.


Survey Indicates Rapid Deployment of Mobile Business AppsOpen in a New Window

Businesses of all sizes are shifting from expensive, resource-intensive custom app builds to cloud-based mobile business app solutions. 


Building a Culture of CaringOpen in a New Window

Creating a culture that helps a company retain employees, win work and leave a positive impression on the community can be a difficult challenge. For The Beck Group, based in Dallas, success has come from a culture of caring that permeates all areas of the business. 

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